This year, the university received 7,962 applications for advance decisions. Penn State Law will make a decision no later than December 30, 2013. The registration deadline for early-stage students is Friday, January 17, 2014. Incomplete or late applications for early decision are deferred to the normal admission procedure. March 1 is the deadline for applications and the application file (all necessary documents) must be complete by March 15. Because admission decisions are made on an ongoing basis, we recommend that applicants submit their applications well before the deadline expires. The university`s annual safety and fire report is available The University of Pennsylvania must reserve the right to make changes to policies, rates, curricula or other topics advertised in this publication or on its website. Be sure to review all your data and policies for the ever-changing world of university admissions! So let the U.S. inform you about UPenn`s new early decision policy, which now applies to current seniors and beyond. The Ivy League is an association of eight universities, founded in 1954 primarily to promote amateurism in athletics.

Although the Ivy League institutions are similar in many respects, each member institution makes its own independent admission decisions according to its own admissions policy. Penn Admissions has significantly changed its early decision-making policy to ensure that early applicants are as committed to Penn as possible. In order to prevent students who do not fully commit to Penn from applying at an early stage, ED applicants can no longer apply for non-binding early action programs at other private universities. The University of Pennsylvania reserves the right to evaluate an application and make a final decision, even if not all parts of the application have been received. This year, 7,962 students applied for the university`s early decision program, 23% more than the previous year with 6,453 applicants. Penn offered admission to 1,194 students, or about half of the 2025 class. Last year, Penn`s acceptance rate increased for the first time in nearly a decade last year – the university welcomed 19.7 percent of 2024 class applicants, up from a record 18 percent of 2023 class applicants. 2. Early Assessment As foreseen by each institute, admission agencies may inform some applicants in writing of the likelihood of admission (for example.

B, probable, probable, unlikely), at the earliest on October 1 of the superior school year of the person concerned. Probable letters will have the effect of marketing authorization letters, since as long as the applicant maintains the scientific and personal registration in the completed application, the institution sends a formal offer of admission on the corresponding filing date.