4. Agreements have been signed with countries that account for 74.6% of UK trade in 2018 with countries with which we seek continuity. Such an option is provisional application where the United Kingdom and the third country agree to apply all or part of a contract “on an interim basis” for a period before all internal control procedures are completed and the contract enters into force. Where possible, this would fill a potential gap in the coverage of preferential trading conditions. The United Kingdom has repeatedly used provisional application in its independent contractual relationships. The application of the provisional application is also a common practice for INTERNATIONAL EU agreements. 1. This press release contains key figures on UK trade agreements. These statistics do not assess the value or impact of trade agreements themselves. They show the total value of the UK`s trade with the countries covered by these agreements. These countries are sometimes referred to as the Trade Agreement Continuity (TAC).

1. Relevance: statistics show progress in the continuity of existing trade agreements. The agreements covered in this press release exclude Turkey, San Marino and Andorra, which are part of a customs union with the EU, and exclude Japan, since the Economic Partnership Agreement did not enter into force until 1 February 2019. Learn more about trade deals with the UK. If you experience trade problems during the transition period, please contact your local international trade advisor. So far, the government has signed trade agreements with Switzerland, Chile, the Faroe Islands, members of the Economic Partnership Agreement with Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA), Israel and the Palestinian Authority. “Together, we will be even more successful in taking this opportunity to take our exchanges to new heights. International trade will help us meet the challenges of coronavirus and stimulate economic growth in our UK. The UK government is still cooperating with third countries to conclude 16 other EU trade agreements. These include Canada, Mexico, Singapore and Turkey. 2.

Content: Statistics assess the value of trade in the UK with countries that are parties to trade agreements. The data refer to the period 2018. All the trade values in this press release are deed from the latest statistics published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on the whole of UK trade: all countries, not seasonally adjusted from April to June 2019. Please note that this publication contains routine data revisions. As a result, the 2018 business values differ from those of the previous version. A second potential problem is mutual recognition agreements (MRA). These define the areas in which the parties recognize the examinations, inspections or certifications carried out by the other party. The current EU-Swiss MRA has 20 chapters. However, the United Kingdom and Switzerland have agreed to pursue only three of these vehicles (motor vehicles; good laboratory practices; Medical devices, inspection of good manufacturing practices and batch inspection). The remaining seventeen chapters – for example. B medical devices or building materials – remain uncovered “due to interdependence with EU laws and systems” (Swiss agreement, point 96). In other words, because Switzerland is committed to legislative equivalence with the EU, it cannot commit itself at the same time to mutual recognition of the UK`s practices, unless they conform to the EU standard.