The goods must be delivered by the seller on board the vessel designated by the purchaser on the agreed date or within the agreed time frame at the designated shipping port and in the usual manner at that port, as stipulated in the contract. The buyer must bear all costs and risks associated with damage or loss after delivery to the point of delivery (original port). The seller bears the shipping costs and bears the risk of loss or deterioration of the goods until the goods are shipped to the said shipping port. You must classify your products and confirm that they are included in the agreement. For example, the agreement requires governments to publish enough information for merchants to know how and why licenses are granted. It also describes how countries should notify the WTO when introducing new import authorisation procedures or amending existing procedures. The seller provides the goods when they make it available to the carrier he has designated, but must bear all transportation costs to the designated destination. The buyer bears all the risks and other costs that may be incurred after the delivery of the goods. Nevertheless, the CIP clause also requires insurance of commitment against all risks incurred by the buyer, in order to cover the loss or damage that the goods may suffer during transport. Explanation of the agreement on import certificate procedures You must verify that the country with which you are acting has an agreement.

If you import or export with preferential agreement or generalized preference system, you may eventually reduce tariffs on your products. You will find information on the UK`s preferential agreements with other countries and groups of countries. The seller delivers the goods when they actually hand it over to the forwarder he has designated. It must also bear all transportation costs to transport the goods to the designated destination. The buyer bears all the risks and other costs incurred after the delivery of the goods. The seller must bear all the risks or damages incurred by the goods until it is delivered.