With respect to the provision of professional services, it is entirely conceivable that the services provided would be wrong, even if the parties did not take them into account. He therefore found that the settlement agreement was effective in prohibiting an unknown claim at the time of the transaction: “The mere fact that the parties did not know that an action against [the lawyers] was negligence is not sufficient to circumvent the transaction contract.” Your lawyer should advise you on the ongoing loss of pension, especially if you have a permanent pension. Pension contributions must be continued during the notice period, unless your contract says otherwise. If an agreement is reached with your employer to pay a lump sum to your pension under the billing conditions, you may be eligible for the tax-free payment. 9. Execution – Make sure that the person who will sign the transaction contract has the authority to hire the party representing him, and if the comparison is made by an act, that all the formalities of execution of the acts are respected. CASA has adopted a code of legal conduct for transaction agreements, which defines how transaction agreements should work and also provides best practices for conducting negotiations before they close. The code is non-binding, but employers should explain why they did not feel it necessary to comply. In simple terms, yes, as long as you think sexual harassment can be a crime (for example, an attack). Any clause in a transaction contract or NOA that says it cannot disclose sexual harassment to report a crime to the police will not apply. Note: The transaction agreement defines the notification to which you are entitled, including whether or not you should work on that notification. Very often, you are paid instead of a termination (also known as “PILON”).

Typically, a PILON payment reflects your full notification in a lump sum (or the balance of a notification due) and also means that your termination date will be much earlier if you have processed your full notification. PILON payments are always subject to tax and NIC. The code also contains examples of “misbehaviour” in obtaining an agreement, including excessive pressure on you to agree on an offer. This includes, for example, an employer who says, before launching disciplinary proceedings, that you will be fired if you do not accept the offer, as well as all forms of harassment and intimidation.