If the delay in delivery is not due to an intentional or serious violation for which the seller is responsible, the seller`s liability is limited to the typical foreseeable damages. If boatoon has deliberately violated the contract significantly, boatoon is held responsible in accordance with the law. (5) If ePages is responsible for a substantial infringement, liability for legal limits is maximum. To the extent that the offence is involuntary, our liability for damages is limited to the generally foreseeable harm. If there is no intentional offence, maximum liability is generally limited to the usual and usual amounts. (3) We are liable under the statutory provisions in the event of a substantial guilty offence; If we seek damages, the supplier is entitled to prove that he is not responsible for the infringement. The EU is pressuring Germany and Cologne for breach of contract proceedings against Germany for violating European procurement law. This is not the case where the IPRO is the fraudulent origin of the offence. This policy must be communicated in writing before the journalist`s employment. It cannot be unilaterally amended or revoked under dement. Limitation of liabilityDespitd all careful efforts, Odyssey assumes no responsibility for damage to the accommodation offered/facilitated or the damage or inconvenience caused during the transaction or infringement. The same applies to violations of fundamental contractual obligations.

Working hours, duration of contract, rights and obligations of master craftsmen and apprentices, fees and payment, liability and management of disputes or infringements. In case of violation of the customer, including, without restriction, delays in payment, we are entitled to take possession of the products. Additional reserves are needed to cover violations of Confederation. The disclaimer does not apply if liability for wilful misconduct, gross negligence or infringement or damage resulting from the violation of life, body or health is mandatory for negligent breach of duty. b) Damage in the event of an infringement is limited to generally foreseeable damage, unless it is a serious intent or negligence. This requirement of liability and a short legal requirement in favour of the Club in case of damages or losses resulting from the opening of the contract or a positive infringement. Other claims of any kind, particularly claims, are excluded unless they are the result of a guilty offence. Violations are contrary to the treaty and result in criminal prosecution.