At the same time, AQTIS has also focused on projects to improve the productivity of its representatives by providing them with modern information management tools. To achieve this, several solutions were considered, including a document management system and a laboratory case management tool. As far as collective agreements are concerned, they have been made available in a static PDF format on the union`s website. The production company signed a contract with each of the workers. Some of them were members of the Quebec Alliance of Image and Sound Technicians (the “AQTIS”). AQTIS represents artists and technicians in certain sectors of the television and film industry. For these workers, the contracting agreements submitted by AQTIS included a driver who indicated that workers would be recruited as self-employed contractors. For other workers who were not members of an association of artists or technicians involved, the production was preparing an agreement called “Deal Memo”. This agreement set, among other things, the duration of the contract and the remuneration agreed by the parties for the services provided. The workers who signed the memorandum of understanding considered themselves independent contractors. This new collective agreement for Quebec productions covers all positions within the artistic department represented by the Guild: AQTIS chose Qweri for its ability to unify the internal and external management of collective agreements.

The original Word files available to the Union are simply downloaded into Qweri to be converted into a dynamic html5 version and PDF. Depending on the access rights granted, some documents may be accessed by all union members via the organization`s website, while others are only made available to union representatives with a username and password. The production company invoked the law that respected the professional status and terms of engagement of professionals, host artists and film artists (the “GSP”). The status allows artists` associations to obtain recognition and negotiate a collective agreement with a producer or producer association on behalf of artists on the minimum terms of engagement of these artists.