Note: You can only update existing EOS agreements if you have set the “Amadeus Extended Ownership” mark to YES (sign) in your local security profile. If you don`t have an LSA, talk to your Amadeus Help Desk (or representative). . 2. If the problem persists, the EOS (CPR-ID) agreement must be updated. In this way, the system only refuses EOS RMO and CPR identifiers between the offices of EEE1S2104 and MSP1S212U. The EOS enterprise-level agreement between `1S2` and `MSP1S212U` is still in place. This error message may appear when you try to remove an EOS agreement between the owner and the recipient offices (z.B. EOXEWR1S2104-MSP1S212U).

Possible cause: . . Extended Ownership Security (EOS) controls how agents and offices can recover data created by other offices or companies. The office or company for which the data is provided is designated as the owner. The office or company that retrieves or updates the data is designated as the recipient. The Office profile is the security data recording that controls many functions at the office level. An office profile record is assigned to each existing Office ID. Many transactions check the office profile for security reasons. Contact your local security administrator (LSA) to implement a new EOS agreement or update an existing agreement. 1. View the EOS agreement between the two offices.

2. There is an EOS agreement between the two offices at the Company Timestamp level from your entry. Enter the $DUMP input from the control field immediately after entering, then copy the ACCESS MODES R ACCESS IS GIVEN IN READ MODE ONLY output. THE DATA CAN BE CONSULTED, BUT NOT MODIFIED W ACCESS IS GIVEN IN WRITE MODE ONLY B ACCESS IS GIVEN IN READ AND WRITE MODE N ACCESS IS DENIED X REMOVEMADEUS EXTENDED OWNER OWNER LEVEL O AN INDIVIDUAL OFFICE CAN BE THE ER OFFICE OWNER 1. There is no EOS agreement between the two offices at Level 3. An EOS agreement exists at the enterprise level: if the EOS agreement between Office 1S2104 and MSP1S212U indicates the letter C for an identifier, it means that these offices have an agreement at the company level (for example. B for RMO and CPR identifiers).